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Diploma In Geomatics And Survey Engineering

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Certification Start End Duration
Diploma In Geomatics And Survey Engineering 16 Sep 2018 7 July 2020 2 years REGISTER


20 Sep 2020 7 July 2022

This is a two-year academic program, approved on 26/2/2018 by the Ministry of Higher Education’s Committee for Institutional and Program Licensing.

Students are taught twenty modules or units to entitle them to a diploma qualification. The subjects covered include: an Introduction to Geomatics, Mapping Technology, Surveying, Cartography, Land and Engineering Surveying, Geographical Information Systems, Photogrammetry, Global Navigation Satellite System, Vertical Control Surveying, Geospatial Reference System, Automated Surveying, Spatial Analysis, and Remote Sensing for Mapping. In addition, students study English, Mathematics and IT and are also introduced to Business Management.

Upon successful completion of this program, students will receive a Diploma in Geomatics and Survey Engineering from the National Survey Authority, Institute of Topographical Sciences.

Why Choose This Course?2018-10-20T10:53:03+00:00

The development of countries today involves the use of a large amount of digital spatial data with high precision and reliability. Spatial data is used for planning and is a key source in decision-making. It is obtained through surveying, photogrammetry, and remote sensing. The collected data is stored and analyzed in a Geographical Information System (GIS) environment to be applied in a variety of vital areas.

Students receive practical and theoretical training as field surveyors and specialized technicians. After completing the program, graduates will be equipped to take up a wide range of employment options in government and private sectors in the Sultanate, working in areas related to civil engineering, policing, defence, the environment, statistics, housing and management.

Program Structure2018-10-23T22:19:05+00:00

This is a two year full-time program. There are 3 semesters per year. Semester 3 falls during the summer. Subjects are weighted differently, with some subjects emphasizing practical work over theory.

In the final semester of the second year, students join the map production sections at NSA and undertake a small project culminating in a report. This takes place over ten weeks and involves students specializing in one area of Geomatics. The chosen field allows students to deepen their knowledge in an area of Geomatics that interests them and enables them to gain valuable job-related training that may help them secure a job.

S.NO Year Semester Course Title Credit Points
1 Year 1 Semester -1 Communication Skills 12
2 Applied Mathematics 12
3 Introduction To Geomatics 12
4 Mapping Technology 12
5 Semester -2 Introduction To It 12
6 Surveying 12
7 Cartography-I 12
8 Land And Engineering Surveying 12
9 Semester -3Summer Geographical Information System (GIS) 12
10 Photogrammetry 12
1 Year 2 Semester -1 Business Management (Reyadah) 9
2 Cartography-ii 12
3 Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) 12
4 Geospatial Reference System 12
5 Semester -2 Vertical Control Surveying 12
6 Automated Surveying 12
7 Spatial Analysis 12
8 Remote Sensing For Mapping 12
9 Semester -3 Summer Academic Writing And Presentation Skills 9
10 Project 24
Total 246
Program Aims2018-10-20T10:53:49+00:00

The Diploma program is designed to provide students with basic knowledge in a range of subjects related to Geospatial Science and may be seen as the equivalent of the first year of undergraduate studies. Diploma graduates wishing to continue their studies to degree level, will be able to obtain a university degree after just two more years of study.

Entry Requirements for ITS General Foundation Program and Diploma Program:

  • Register online or submit an application in-person at ITS.

    Upon successful submission, ITS will respond within 10 working days.

  • Candidates applying for the General Foundation Program / Diploma Program must have a Secondary School Certificate, 12th standard, or equivalent with a pass mark of 60%.

  • Candidates may enter the Diploma program directly if they have completed a Foundation Program within the last two years at another Higher Education Institution or produce evidence of English language proficiency at band 4 IELTS or higher.

  • Students who do not have a General Foundation Program Certificate will have to take a Placement Test to determine their proficiency levels in English, Maths and Computing. Placement on either the ITS General Foundation Program or Diploma Program will depend on the results obtained in the Placement Tests.